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Ephimers, construcción y alquiler de decorados s.l. is a Barcelona based company working in the production of ephemeral decoration projects for all kinds of events: product presentations, conferences, conventions, trade shows, corporate events, stage design and rental of stage scenery. We work with any kind of situation and material, no matter it deals with brand design or dressing rooms for artists, from stage to backstage.

Ephimers has built a solid reputation in offering the best solutions, through quality, safety and a strongly personalized service. From the very first moment, our clients gain our advice in a very close and attentive accompaniment.

The quality of work of Ephimers is guaranteed by the legacy of years of experience of our professionals, the first range small companies working with us and the use of quality materials, that enable us to offer a service of the utmost professionalism with optimum results.

Ephimers style is characterised by the dedication and enthusiasm of our contributors in providing exceptional products and services so that customer service comes enriched with new contributions in the market of ephemeral event decoration.

The aim of Ephimers is provide satisfaction and reassuring his customers. Therefore we carefully manage the planning and development of the assignment. We study thoroughly the implications of each project or service and solve them emphasizing the combination of quality and elegance and treating carefully the details and finishing touch.

In Ephimers we emphasize our absolute determination in prevent and solving problems.

    Here are five examples of how Ephimers performs his particular style in work and service:

  • -Timeliness. In Ephimers we are highly demanding in delivering finished work with utmost punctuality.
  • -Accuracy. Ephimers is so rigorous either with a small assignation and a large project; every customer is important. We always keep close to customers, advising them permanently and providing appropriate support to realize his idea solutions. And if the customer does not have a clear idea about, Ephimers helps to find.
  • -Full availability. Ephimers is fully available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • – Safety. Ephimers operates in a safe and healthy work environment that encourages openness, creativity, efficiency and maximum potential released, granted security and development of work of those who participate.
  • -Quality and social responsibility. Ephimers certifies the quality of his products, meets all regulations and is responsible for the management of waste.

Having Ephimers services is to benefit from our collaborative spirit certified by the high-quality work and a totally convincing results.

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